About Curriki

Our Mission

Curriki’s mission is to eliminate the Education Divide – the gap between those who have access to high-quality education and those who do not – in the U.S. and worldwide. It’s online community of educators, learners and committed education experts works together to build and share quality materials that benefit teachers, parents and students globally.

Our Approach

Curriki works through teachers by supporting them with the tools they need to be maximally effective.
Our innovative delivery model combines the power of great Open Educational Resources and technology to make a difference in student achievement at scale.
Our approach to building the largest global community library of OER is pretty simple…share.
  • Share what you learn.
  • Share what you know.
  • Share your content.
  • Together, we can make education more equitable.

Knowledge sharing by Wikimedia: CC BY-SA 4.0 Intl



The Curriki library hosts thousands of educator-vetted, openly licensed, online educational materials that teachers, educators, or other professionals have created and have made freely available to others for use, reuse, adaptation, and sharing.



Students and teachers use Curriki Groups to collaborate on projects, curriculum development, and district initiatives.
– Groups can be public or private.
– Private groups are entirely private and secure.
– Share files without sending bulky attachments.

“Let’s face it, a teacher’s job is to inspire learning and that’s a tough job! It’s even more challenging in some schools and geographies than in others. Curriki is here to help you inspire learning in your students every day.”

– Scott McNealy, Curriki Co-Founder, Board Member

Our Story

Curriki originated from the idea that technology can play a crucial role in breaking down the barriers of the Education Divide—the gap between those who have access to high-quality education and those who do not. Curriki helps bridge this divide by providing free and open resources to everyone.

With a community of over 10 million global users, Curriki encourages collaboration of diverse experiences from around the world to develop “best of breed” learning resources (peer-reviewed and classroom tested) and to create a culture of continuous improvement. Join today. It’s free. Curriki is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation.

What’s in a Name?

Curriculum + Wiki The name “Curriki” is a portmanteau of the terms “Curriculum” and “Wiki.” Curriki is many things: a collaborative social network for educators, an exchange of free learning resources, and a resource for parents and students. Anyone with access to the Internet can contribute to and use the quality and media rich curriculum available on Curriki.

Who Uses Curriki?

Curriculum Teams
Curriki provides private and open group spaces for members to collaborate on curriculum development, share ideas, and provide support for one another. Click here to find out more about how Curriki supports educators.
Teachers and homeschool parents are on the front lines empowering the learning for their students. Curriki provides a seemingly endless library of materials—from full courses to individual instructional videos and games that teachers and homeschoolers find invaluable. Click here for more information for homeschoolers.
Parents often need on-the-fly homework help for their children, but Googling for help doesn’t screen out all the noise on the web making it difficult to find exactly what they need at exactly the right time. Curriki has pre-screened and reviewed materials so parents can easily find what they are looking for.
Pre-service and New Teachers
Pre-service teachers leverage the collective knowledge of the global community to develop their skills and their lesson banks. They get proven activities and materials shared by experienced educators from around the world.
Content Providers
Curriki Content Partners generously share their existing materials, create learning resources especially for the Curriki community, and/or fund Curriki to develop education resources to share with the community using open source licenses. Click here to find out how to become a content partner.


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