Lots of studies show that empowering educators to create, modify, and choose their own teaching content helps them to engage their students more deeply in their own learning. By enabling educators around the world to access and contribute to a free and open library of digital learning resources, Open Educational Resources (OER),  we are taking a great step toward bridging the educational divide.

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Engaged Learners: 85% of experienced Curriki users say their students are more (or much more) engaged in their learning when they Incorporate Curriki OER.


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Increased Educational Equity: 100% of experienced Curriki users believe that Curriki is an important factor in increasing equity in education.


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Increased Teacher Empowerment: 99% of experienced Curriki users say Curriki’s OERs allow and encourage content adaptation.


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Recommend Curriki: 98% of experienced Curriki users are likely to recommend Curriki to others.





*Data from Curriki’s annual survey.