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This EDSITEment-reviewed Web site, from Memorial Hall Museum and Library, tells the story of New England and features a large digital library of primary resources, curricula, interactive student activities, topical mini-exhibits, chronologies, a mini-encyclopedia and a search engine. The site's curriculum topics include exploration of relationships between the French, the English and the Native Americans that led up to the French and Indian Wars and the study of American History through everyday life in a single Massachusetts community. A special exhibit showcases the use of historical evidence to recreate life in a New England village at the turn of three centuries to illuminate broader themes of Massachusetts, United States and world history during the colonial, federal and progressive periods.


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3.3.8: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Identify and discuss the Classical (Greco-Roman) influences in the monuments and special buildings of the Federal Government in Washington, DC Which can be seen in art museums such as the Corcoran Gallery of Art.

3.3.8: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Construct maps and graphs that show aspects of human/environmental interaction in the local community, Indiana and communities within the region.

3.3.8: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Identify the problem and solutions in a story.
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