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In this lesson, students use both fiction and nonfiction texts, the Internet, and a K-W-L chart to learn about how animals survive the winter.


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4.3.7: District of Columbia Arts Education Learning Standards

Research and describe the influence of religious groups' history on art and architecture, focusing primarily on buildings in the District of Columbia both past and present.

4.3.7: District of Columbia Physical Education Standards

Demonstrate how to warm-up and cool-down muscles and joints before aerobic activities such as running, jumping, kicking, throwing, and striking.

4.3.7: Indiana's Academic Standards Social Studies

Explain the effect of the Earth/sun relationship on the climate of Indiana.

4.3.7: Indiana's Academic Standards English/Language Arts

Identify the narrator in a selection and tell whether the narrator or speaker is involved in the story.

4.3.7: North Dakota Science Content Standards

Identify ways friction or burning produces heat (e.g., magnifying glass, carpet burn, sunburn)
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